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Goulet Q&A Episode 26, Nathan Tardif Interview – Ink Nouveau, YouTube 4/4/14.

For vintage Esterbrook fountain pens:

Profile: The Esterbrook Model J Family,” Richard Binder Fountain Pens,, revised 7/3/14.

Profile: The Esterbrook Dollar Pen,” Richard Binder Fountain Pens,, revised 6/22/12.

For fountain pens in general:

Anatomy of a Fountain Pen,” The Goulet Pen Co., 7/28/15. (cap, barrel, nib, feed, section, converter, finial; cap – finial, clip, insert, center band, lip; barrel – threads, step, body, trim ring, finial; feed – wings, fins, ink channel, post; section – grip, trim ring, threads; converter – mouth, ink reservoir, seal, rod, shroud, knob)

Anatomy of a Nib,” Classic Fountain Pens,, n.d. (base or tail or heel; imprint; vent hole or breather hole; slit; shoulders or web; tines; tip or tipping material)

Adjusting Tines to Amend Ink Flow,” Ravens March Fountain Pens,” n.d.

Jennifer, Best Fountain Pen, website.

Fountain Pen Nib Removal,, YouTube video 10/14/11.

How to Disassemble a Standard Converter – Brian Goulet YouTube video, 11/28/10.

Online shopping sites that I frequent:1

Fountain Pen Revolution – for nibs and affordable, interesting FPs; silicone grease; syringes.

Goulet Pen Co. – for all-purpose FP needs

JetPens – for excellent affordable pens

xFountainPens – wide range of FPs and other accessories



1 Disclaimer: I’m an amateur hobbyist and am neither related to nor associated with any of these or other sellers or businesses.