• 5PCS JINHAO X450 Gold Medium Nib fountain pen other pen can be changed New 35mm*6mm ( 221450753923 ). Ordered EBAY ichina520 12/27/15. [$5.99 FS] Arrived.
  • 3pcs Platinum Plated Iridium Point Medium Fountain Pen Nibs new
    ( 221718724268 ). Orderd eBay 12/29/15 ichina520 $1.28 FS. Arrived.
  • 3pcs Platinum Plated Iridium Point Medium Nib Fountain Pen Free shipping( 221977225561 ). Ordered eBay 12/29/15 ichina520 $1.04 FS. Arrived.
  • Ordered 2 Nemosine (#6) M nibs from xFountainPens 1/29/16. Arrived.
  • Ordered 2 replacement Lamy F nibs from Creoly USA (Amazon) 2/4/16. Arrived.
  • Knox #5 K26 Fountain Pen Nib – Extra Fine ($7.99 FS) & Knox #5 K26 Fountain Pen Nib – Fine ($7.99 FS) ordered XFP 2/14/16. Arrived 2/18/16.
  • #5 Fine Nibs (3 for $7) from FPR on 2/14/16. Arrived 2/27/16
  • #35 (#6) Two-tone Fine Nibs (3 for $12) from FPR on 2/15/16. Arrived 4/11/16
  • Nemosine #6 German Fountain Pen Nib – Fine: ordered from XFP 2/19/16 (5x $6.99) Arrived 2/29/16
  • Nemosine #5 German Fountain Pen Nib – Fine: ordered from XFP 2/19/16 (3x $5.99) Arrived 2/29/16


  • Measure: 1 oz = 30ml
  • 30 PCS Jinhao International Size Pen Ink Cartridge to Fit Fountain Pens, Black, 6 per Pack 71640287919060 12/16/2015. $6.57 FS. Arrived. Wrong size, wrong amount. FULL REFUND REC’D. Store: MerryMart. This seller retaliated by leaving me a poor 2-star rating. I left him a 5-star rating for the full refund.
  • JINHAO 10pcs Black Ink Cartridge Refills Fountain Pen New Brand assurance. Estimated delivery: Tue. Feb. 2 – Wed. Mar. 16. Item Id: 221917687998. eBay ordered 1/16/16 $2.69 FS. Arrived
  • 2 of Noodlers Ink 4.5oz Heart Of Darkness W/Pen. Amazon 1/1/16. Sold by: Junipers’. $19.00 x 2 = $38.00 + $14.60 S/H = $52.60. Expected FEDEX Jan 14-18. Tracking 1/17/16: “We’re sorry your package is late. If it hasn’t arrived by Monday, Jan 18, please come back for a refund or replacement.” Comment: I was charged $14.60 for shipping & handling, and as of 1/17/16, over 2 weeks later, I have yet to receive the package, which was allegedly sent by FEDEX. Arrived. Extremely pleased with the ink and free ED pens.
  • 5 Camel Fountain Pen Ink PERMANENT BLACK Bottles 60 ml 2 oz Camlin 5 qty Sealed from auctionz.unlimited on 2/12/16 for $24.99 FS. Arrived regmail 2/29/16


  • Universal Fountain Pen Ink Converter by Schmidt. Amazon 3/8/16, Pens By Lanier, $5.45 (x3) FREE Shipping (?) I was charged $2.94 for shipping. Emailed seller. Jim says he’ll send me a free converter if I was overcharged.


  • Spark plug pliers for removing sections.
  • Syringes
  • Grip liner. Cut into a 4″ square for gripping nib/feed for removal. It really works! Also used it to unscrew the metal retainer on a converter to disassemble and clean the converter. It was difficult to grip otherwise. Available at grocery stores as shelf liners. A roll costs about $3.00 and will probably last you 10 lifetimes. Saw something similar being used in a YouTube video on nib repair, but I don’t remember the source. My apologies to the gentleman.
  • Bulb syringe from the drug store for flushing pens with water. Stick the pointed end into the section opening for the cartridge/converter. May need to cut a bit off the point to create a snug fit for most or all of your pens. Idea from Brian Goulet’s video (8/10/12).
  • Alligator clamp.
  • Useful source:


  • 1pcs Newest 30x21mm Wholesale Triplet Jewelers Jewelry Diamond Eye Loupe Magnifier Magnifying Glass Cheap and Hot! [ordered 12/16/15] [$1.13 FS] [Arrived 12/28/15x].
  • LED Eye Magnifying Glasses Magnifying Loupe Magnifier 10x 15x 20x 25x For Jeweler Watchmaker Black [ordered 12/16/15] [$6.44 FS] Arrived 1/11/16.
  • 20 X Magnifier Magnifying Glasses Loupe Lens Jeweler Watch Repair with LED Light Estimated delivery: Tue. Jan. 12 – Tue. Jan. 26. Item Id: 201457426307. eBay 12/29/16 $4.69 FS. Arrived 2/3/16.


  • 2015 Luxury Large [PU] leather Pen Case for 48 Pens [ordered 12/16/15] [$14.34 FS] Arrived.


  • Composertp: “What you want is a 1mm x 4mm rubber O-ring. Knowing that measurement, you can find them on various websites, including Amazon and eBay. 1mm is the width of the rubber ‘tube’ itself (cross-section). 4mm is the diameter of the inside of the O-ring. (The diameter measured from the outside of the rubber is 6mm – that is, 1mm + 4mm + 1mm)” (“Replace The Rubber O-Ring That Seals Your Noodler’s Ahab Pen,” FPN, 9/10/14).