TWSBI Vac Mini – Extra Fine Nib

Appearance & construction: stars4-5-100 (excellent)
Performance: stars4-5-100 (excellent)

TWSBI Vac Mini Fountain Pen - Extra Fine Nib from JetPens. $65 FS. Ordered 4/20/16. Arrived 4/23/16.

TWSBI Vac Mini Fountain Pen – Extra Fine Nib from JetPens. $65 FS. Ordered 4/20/16. Arrived 4/23/16.

Review: JetPens service and delivery, as usual, outstanding.

Appearance & construction: The Twsbi Vac-Mini EF comes very close to perfection. Looks and engineering are outstanding. Similar to the Diamond Mini but a 3rd of an inch longer. It looks and feels like a precision instrument. I like the size and heft — not heavy but solid. It’s a comfortable fit for me while writing. It’s less than perfect in two related areas — the threading for posting and the piston knob. Here, precision suffers. Getting the clip on the screw-on posted cap to align with the top of the nib is difficult if not impossible. Because of the shorter barrel, posting is probably necessary for most writers, and the clip could feel uncomfortable resting against the hollow at the base of the thumb.

The piston knob has to be slightly unscrewed to allow for ink flow. The problem is, there’s no tactile feedback to indicate when to stop loosening. Too much, and ink could blob on the feed and drip. And it remains loose while writing. But these are minor inconveniences for a pen that comes very close to my ideal: demonstrator, portable, ideal for air travel, screw-on cap and post, F nib, practical ink loading and storing system, stores a lot of ink, precision engineering, durable.

A possible solution to the problem of cap and nib alignment when posted is in the plant assembly process. Screw the cap onto the barrel before inserting the section with nib and feed. Next, screw on the section without the nib and feed. Last, insert the nib and feed so that the top of the nib is aligned with the clip.

The user could pull the nib/feed and reinsert it so it aligns properly with the clip, but s/he shouldn’t have to do this. It should be aligned out of the box.

Performance is excellent. The EF is the equivalent of a Japanese F — slim lines with a touch of wetness. No hard start. Instant ink flow on touch down. Smooth point. No scratchiness, but there’s slight feedback from the paper that some might consider scratchy. I don’t. It’s normal with F and EF points that are dry or only slightly wet. Will be testing for consistency in ink flow over the next month or so.

Twsbi Vac-Mini EF 2
Twsbi Vac-Mini EF 3
Twsbi Vac-Mini EF 4
Twsbi Vac-Mini EF 5
Twsbi Vac-Mini EF 6
Twsbi Vac-Mini EF 7

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