Nemosine Fission and Jinhao x750: Very Similar

Updated 3/24/16
Fission and JHx750
The Nemosine Fission Jet Black in the photo above was the first non-China pen I ordered online, and it remains one of my favorites. (Click here for info on the China pens I’m reviewing.) I like the precision feel of the screw-in cap and posting as well as the heft. This is a full-metal, industrial strength pen built to last. The only problem was the EF that I had selected. It was too dry for me.

Efforts to correct this problem took me on quite a journey. I swapped in a Nemosine M to counter the dryness and ended up at the other extreme — soggy wet. I next swapped in a Nemosine F, which should have been the perfect fit. I had swapped M for F in my Nemosine Singularity and got a satisfactory result, an F that’s more like a Japanese M. 

But the switch to F took the Fission back to square one — a nib as dry as the EF. I did the usual: bulb flushed the section unit and flossed the slit with a brass shim. Didn’t work. I pulled the nib/feed from the section and examined the channel. No problem that I could see. I ran the shim through the channel to clean it — and that’s when I felt an obstruction. I couldn’t dislodge it with the shim.

I then turned to a Jinhao x750 that had arrived with a chip in the enamel. (I’ve been cannibalizing it for parts.) I knew the x750 was similar to the Nemosines in terms of nib size (#6) and wondered if the feeds were interchangeable, too.  I placed the feeds side by side, and they appeared to be identical.

Before swapping, I slid the shim through the channel of the x750 feed, and it passed through without a problem. I inserted the new combo — Nemosine F nib and Jinhao x750 feed — into the Fission.

After a week of testing, the Fission with Nemosine F and Jinhao x750 feed is putting out an excellent F line.

The black Jinhao x750 in the photo above has a Nemosine F nib. It came with the stock Jinhao M, which is too wet for me. (The problem is, M seems to be the standard for Chinese pens sold online and getting an F or EF is close to impossible.) The switch to an F has turned a marginally useful pen into an excellent daily performer. It is, as far as I’m concerned, the equivalent of the Fission.

Both perform exactly the same. They feel the same in my hand. The x750 has a slight edge in terms of appearance, but the Fission has an edge in design. I prefer a pen with a cap that screws close and screws posted, although I prefer writing unposted. The x750 cap is friction closed and posted.

The x750 can be bought from China for around $3-7 (with free shipping) and a Nemosine nib for around $7 (+ shipping). A Nemosine Fission costs around $30 (including shipping).


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