Brass Shims: Buy a Roll and Save

If you’re like me and beginning to get deeper into fountain pens as a hobby, then you’re probably well aware of brass shims, those indispensable squares of thin (.002) brass sheets that allow you to floss the slit in your nibs and the channel in your feeds. They’re usually sold in tiny squares or rectangles, roughly 2-to-3 inches to a side. They’re not expensive, but they cost enough to force you to be conservative in your use. You wait until each corner and edge is bent and crinkled to where they can no longer fit in the breather hole or the slit at the point before cutting back on the sheet to expose a usable corner or edge.

Brass Shim Roll

Brass shim roll, box, and Milvac business card.

As you work on your pens, you see the shim growing smaller and realize that you’re going to have to order more at a price that’s uncomfortably high — and you’re going to have to do so repeatedly for months and years to come. At that point, you begin to search the web for a cheaper source. I did, but I came up empty at first.


Milvac business card and label on the top of the box.

However, I finally hit pay dirt last week. I found a source on eBay — Milvac. This was their ad: “Precision Brand Brass Shim, .002 Gauge, 6″ x 100″, 17S2, .051 mm.” The price was $18.99 with free shipping. It was shipped USPS Priority Mail, and I received it in four days. Using a pair of ordinary scissors, I cut an inch off the 100-inch roll and cut that into six pieces. I now have six shim squares that will last me for many months and a supply that will probably last me for years.

There was another source at the time I shopped on eBay, but this deal seemed to be the best. I’m not sure if Milvac is still selling these on eBay, and if they are, I’m not sure if this price is current. Also, I don’t know if there are even better deals elsewhere. Hopefully, the information provided in this post will help you obtain shims without breaking your wallet.

Disclaimer: I’m in no way associated with or related to Milvac. I’m just a satisfied customer passing on information that might be useful to other fountain pen hobbyists. Also, I can’t be held responsible for any damages or injuries that might be caused by the information I’m providing in this post.

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