Waterman Harley Davidson Free Wheel Stormy Night [NOS]

Updated 4/2/16
Waterman Harley Davidson Free Wheel Stromy [sic] Night
Appearance & construction: stars3-5-h21 good
Performance: stars2-5-h21 / stars4-h021 below average / very good

Waterman Harley Davidson Free Wheel Stromy Night FOUNTAIN PEN WITH IN BOX, new, eBay, penshop, $20.00 FS

Waterman Harley Davidson Free Wheel Stromy Night FOUNTAIN PEN WITH IN BOX, new, eBay, penshop, $20.00 FS. Arrived a few days ago.

Ad: Waterman Harley Davidson Freewheels Stromy Night FOUNTAIN PEN. Freewheel Racing Courses Fountain Pen, GUARANTEED TO BE AUTHENTIC AND Extraordinary styling, Comes in a collectible Metal Case. Stainless steel MEDIUM nib! THIS IS A NEW OLD STOCK. PEN IS MINT NEW. BUT THERE ARE SCRATHES,DENTS & DISCOLORATION ON TIN BOX. SO PLS TAKE NOTE OF THAT! These pens are AUTHENTIC WATERMAN PENS MADE IN FRANCE! Pen comes with 1 ink cartridge so you can begin writing immediately! FREE WHEEL features chrome buttons and rings. Much nicer than the pics. PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO CHECK OUT THE PIC SO YOU CAN SEE THE FINE DETAIL ON THIS PEN. Everybody loves Harley Davidson items and I can’t think of a nicer gift than this exquisite pen ! Thanks for looking, Good luck! VERY RARE OLD NEW STOCK! [Reviews1]

4/2/16: This pen is well constructed with chrome metal in the right places: The center band is wide and protects the cap lip very well. The barrel finial screws on and off and protects the barrel end. The cap finial protects the cap end and provides solid support for the clip. All parts are engineered to fit precisely together. In this model, the logos on the center band and the cap are subtle and not over the top. For looks and build, I’m initially rating this pen 3.5 stars (good).

For performance, I’m rating this pen 2.5 stars for below average primarily because I prefer a finer nib. The M is just too thick and wet for me. (The F wasn’t available at the time of my purchase.) I decided to replace the M with a Nemosine #6 F nib. Removing the nib/feed from the section was very difficult.2 After soaking for 24 hours, I tried to gently wiggle and pull at the same time using squares of shelf liner for a better grip. When that didn’t work, I tried soaking in warm-hot water for a few minutes. When that didn’t work, I turned to my blow dryer at high heat, monitoring the heat level, by touch, on the section. That worked.

When I got the nib/feed out, I realized they were joined in a proprietary, unorthodox fashion. The new nib didn’t fit properly in the section, riding too high and preventing the cap from locking. I tried a Jinhao x450 feed, but it was too narrow. I decided to carefully sand the nib down to adjust for the replacement nib. This worked.

I was able to fit the nib/feed unit into the section. Initial tests were very good. No problems starting and ink flow is very good. I’ll be keeping this pen in my testing rack for daily tests. I’m rating the performance of this upgraded version of the pen very good (4.0 stars).

On another note: In flushing the new nib/feed unit with a bulb syringe, I discovered a simple way to flush excess water from the unit. In the past, I shook it up and down to remove water. It was a lot of work. This time, I used the bulb syringe without water to air dry the unit. It seems to have worked fine. Very little water in the initial writing test.

1 Reviews: Note Booker, Esq., “Let’s ride! Booker’s review of two Waterman Harley-Davidson Fountain Pens,” blog, 10/15/10.
2 The Waterman Kultur, too, has a nib/feed unit that’s difficult to remove. I didn’t succeed on my initial attempts.

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