3 [Vintage] Sheaffer Fountain Pens

Updated 3/18/16
3 Sheaffer Fountain Pens
1. Sheaffer No-Nonsense fat blk with F italic
Appearance & construction: stars3-5-h21
Performance: stars3-5-h21
2. Sheaffer School slim blue with F nib
Appearance & construction: stars3-5-h21
Performance: stars3-5-h21
3. Sheaffer Glideriter hooded nib
Appearance & construction: stars3-5-h21
Performance: testing

3 Old Sheaffers eBay buy it now 3/14/16 from Kaczs Pens $20.00 + $3.99 SH.

3 Old Sheaffers eBay buy it now 3/14/16 from Kaczs Pens (99.8%) $20.00 + $3.99 SH. Used. Arrived 3/18/16.

Ad: Here is a lot of 3 sheaffer fountain pens, all are cartridge fill cartridges not included,, large black no nonsense fountain pen has a steel fine italic nib, blue one has a fine sheaffer steel nib, and the black one has a Sheaffer fine nib, all are very gentlu used cosmetically they all are in excellent condition, no marks or scratches

From the ad:
Manuufacturer – Sheaffer
Color – Black, Blue
Filling System – Cartridge (Not Included0
Year Of Manufacturer – 1960’s-70’s
Nib Material – Steel
Nib Stroke – Fine

3/18/16 First Impressions: Arrived in today’s mail. These pens are in like-new condition, as advertised. It didn’t come with any cartridges or converters, so I tried an international cartridge and it fit snugly over the section nipple. Performance: The No-Nonsense came with an italic F nib. My first. Started on touchdown, consistent flow, no skipping, no scratchiness. Doesn’t seem to have been used ever. The School slim blue with pointy finials came with an F nib. Identical performance. The F is a true F, with some wetness, which is ideal. This, too, doesn’t seem to have been used.

The hooded black, Glideriter model, I believe, didn’t start. I did a bulb flush with tap water. Traces of ink were removed. The section where the cartridge enters isn’t recessed, so the cartridge is held in place by the nipple alone. Fortunately, my smaller bulb syringe fits over the nipple, and I was able to flush the nib/feed assembly. I attached the cartridge and tested once again. As expected, the feed was waterlogged so the ink flow was watery. After a minute or two of writing, however, the ink became darker. I’ll keep this pen in my rack for testing.

All three pens show no signs of wear or use. They look pristine. The nibs are in brand new condition. There was a trace of blue ink from the Glideriter in my initial writing test. A turquoise blue? It appears to be the only one of the three that was ever inked.

I have a couple of other non-lever type Sheaffers in my box of old pens. One had a long cartridge that’s a perfect fit for all three. It was opaque with old ink. I flushed it out with a syringe and tap water. A couple of squirts and it’s transparent once again.

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