Platinum Demonstrator F – DEFECTIVE

Updated 3/16/16, 3/28/16
Platinum – Clear Demonstrator “Fine Nib” Fountain Pen – Made in Japan
eBay Waimar, HK, new $36.00 SH $10.00, bought 3/5/16. Arrived 3/16/16 (11 days from HK via reg mail)
Appearance & construction: DEFECTIVE

Description from the ad: “This is Japan Platinum – Full-Demonstrator fountain pen. This is very rare found in auction site. The closed cap size is 5 1/2 inch and “Fine” nib. Made in Japan.”


PCD030516-5. Photos from the ad. Arrived 3/16/16 (11 days from HK via reg mail).









3/5/16: Unable to identify the model of this Platinum demonstrator via online images. The clip seems to be unique to this pen. The seller is offering other similar pens in eBay, but none with a clear section.

3/16/16: First impressions: An attractive pen. Screw-on cap, push-on posting. Probably best to use unposted to avoid scratching the barrel. There doesn’t seem to be any sort of buffer to avoid scratching when posted. Ink flowed on touchdown. But I’m using the converter and dipped the feed, which might explain the quick response. This nib is listed as F, but there’s no size indication on the imprint. It’s wet in comparison to the standard Japanese F. So this is more like an F that leans slightly toward M. No skipping or scratchiness. Just the right amount of feedback. The printing just above the center band: “Platinum” on one side and “Japan” on the other. The lettering for the latter is not as sharp as expected. See the lettering on the Platinum Preppy for comparison. The cap finial is slightly misaligned. You can’t see it, but you can feel it with your fingers. In this first test, this pen has performed quite well. I’ll keep it on the rack for more testing.

3/28/16: There’s a defect on the threads of the section. (See photos 1 & 2 below.) Plastic has been gouged from this area and is highly visible, detracting from the appearance of the pen. When I mentioned this to the seller, he replied that this was a manufacturing defect and does not affect the writing. He even sent me a photo of other pens with the same defect. (See photo 3 below with gouge circled in red by the seller.) This defect does not appear in his eBay ad photos. (See photo PCD030516-2 above.) I have initiated a return request.

Photo 1 Platinum Demonstrator 2

Photo 1 – defect circled in red.

Photo 2 Platinum Demonstrator 2

Photo 2 – zoom in on the defect.

Waimar JPG 2

Photo 3 – defect circled in red by the seller.

Photo 4 Platinum Demonstrator 2

Photo 4 – original eBay ad.

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