Monteverde Artista with FPR #5 Fine Nib

Updated 3/5/16
Appearance & construction: stars4-h021
Performance: stars4-h021

Monteverde Artista with the FPR #5 Fine nib.

Monteverde Artista with the FPR #5 Fine nib.

For background on the repairs I’ve tried to salvage what seems to have been a defective nib on the Artista, see the original post and the previous post re the replacement Knox EF nib. Unfortunately, the Knox nib didn’t work out. After initial success, it began to hardstart and skip. So I went back to work looking for alternatives.

I ordered FPR’s (Fountain Pen Revolution’s) #5 fine nib, and it arrived yesterday. I swapped it in, and thus far, it’s been working beautifully. This nib is my ideal F, thin lines with a touch of wetness. Quick start. No skipping. No scratchiness despite the thinness of the lines. Consistent flow. After a day and a half of intermittent testing, it’s still holding up.

It’s in my desk rack for pens that I’m testing or becoming familiar with. I’ll continue to monitor it until I’m sure I’ve addressed the problem.

I’m not giving up on this pen until I’ve exhausted all the possibilities. I feel the time is worthwhile. This is one of the most beautiful pens in my demonstrator collection.

3/5/16 update: After a week of daily testing with the FPR replacement nib, the Artista is performing flawlessly as an F. No problems. A smooth F writer.

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