Monteverde Artista Crystal

Updated 2/13/16, 2/27/16, 2/28/16

See the updated review: Replacement Nib for Monteverde Artista Crystal. Also see the 2/28/16 update.

Monteverde Artista Crystal Fountain Pen – Medium Nib – Transparent
Appearance & construction: stars4-5-100
Writing: stars2-h21

Monteverde Artista Crystal Fountain Pen - Medium Nib - Transparent Clear Body, JetPens, $38.00 FS. Ordered 1/26/16.

Monteverde Artista Crystal Fountain Pen – Medium Nib – Transparent Clear Body, JetPens, $38.00 FS. Ordered 1/26/16. Arrived 1/29/16.

2nd photo of the same pen.

2nd photo of the same pen.

1/29/16: The Monteverde Artista demonstrator arrived this afternoon. This is a gorgeous pen. The look and feel shouts quality. Design, construction — flawless. After using so many lightweight demonstrators, the heft of the Artista is reassuring. There’s a slight bulge in the barrel, to offset the larger size of the cap. The cap, too, has a slight bulge. The  overall feel is roundness, warmth, inviting you to touch and feel, to run your fingers over the pen, to hold it. Once I pick it up, it’s hard to put it down, even when I’m not writing with it. It just feels good in the hand. I’ve become fond of demonstrators, and this is by far the best.

The only concern that stops me from awarding this pen 5 stars (perfect) is the concern that posting will scratch the barrel. There is no design element on the barrel to prevent scratching. However, the interior of the cap may be designed to prevent it, but I’m not about to post to see if this is the case. I’ll do more research on the web.In future designs, they may want to consider a thin metal band with threading toward the end of the barrel to allow the cap to be screwed on and separated from the barrel surface. I really like screw-on caps and screw-on posting, like the Nemosine Fission.

In the meantime, writing without posting is not a problem. I’m awarding 4 stars (very good) for the writing only because I haven’t had a chance to test it for more than a minute or so. In my initial test, the pen started a bit slow but immediately settled into a smooth and consistent flow. This is a dark and wet medium, but the lines aren’t excessively thick or wet. I’ll test it on different stock over time.

This pen was part of a package from JetPens, which has quickly become my favorite source of pens. I’ve never had a single problem with any of their products, and their prices are among the best in the world. Their service and shipping, too, are exceptional. Courteous, careful, thoughtful, and quick. And they treat every purchase, small and large, with the same quality service. Amazing.

2/13/16: Further testing of writing has been increasingly disappointing. Skipping and a dragging sensation as though moving in molasses. Downgraded the writing rating from very good to poor. Out of desperation, I switched in a Jinhao M nib and the flow is now consistent with no drag on the nib. I need to look into a replacement nib, preferably an F since the M is a bit too wet for me. Christina (FPN 3/5/15): “It’s a size 5 nib indeed! I was able to successfully use a Fountain Pen Revolution nib in my Pink Artista Crystal. I went with the size 5 flex nib, but I assume any of the other size 5 nibs on their site would work as well.” Also Brian Goulet (9/5/12): “I believe the nib is a #5 size nib, and though Monteverde doesn’t have any separate nibs in this size, I’m betting there is something that can work (Edison #5 comes to mind). “

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