Nemosine Fission (2)

Updated 1/16/16, 1/17/16, 3/6/16
1. Nemosine Fission Extra Fine Fine German Nib, Jet Black
Construction and appearance: stars4-h021
Writing: stars3-5-h21

Nemosine Fission

Nemosine Fission Fountain Pen, Extra Fine German Nib, Jet Black (NEM-FIS-02-EF). Ordered 12/21/15. Pen (with converter & 6 cartridges) $24.99 + S/H $9.95. Vendor: Paramount Goods LLC. Arrived 1/17/16 with a complementary 30 mL (1 oz) bottle of Chesterfield ink. Tentative rating for construction and appearance is very good; for writing, average very good.

First impressions 12/24/15: For a quick writing test, I used one of the included cartridges instead of the converter. The initial feed was slow, but it was fine after that. The nib is extra fine, which is what I ordered. However, I’ll need to get used to the very fine line — finer than I’ve ever experienced before. Makes all my other pens, even the Esterbrook, look thick and wet. The tip is a bit scratchy, not as smooth as I would have liked. Perhaps this is normal with EF? Perhaps it just needs breaking in.

For me, the full metal engineering and construction is close to ideal. Screw on cap and screw on cap posting. I like the feeling of heft, precision, and strength. The shiny metal section feels slippery for my fingers, but it looks great. Overall, the pen looks big and boxy, and the clip looks more utilitarian than aesthetic. The general impression is industrial rather than chic, in stark contrast to the Jinhao 500. However, some or most of this could be explained by the shiny black color that I chose. Other colors, perhaps brighter and softer, may give different looks. Still, I like the look and feel in my hands, capped and uncapped. It’s like a precision instrument, strong and warm. I’ll have a better sense of this pen as I use it in the coming days and weeks.

Second impressions 12/24/15: After a lot of writing with the Nemosine and my other pens, I’ve upgraded my rating for writing from average (3 stars) to very good (4 stars). The other pens now seem too wet in comparison to the Nemosine, at least with paper that’s thin and prone to bleeding. With the Nemosine, it seems nearly any type of paper will do. Re weight: I began to feel the weight of the posted pen after pages of writing. Removing the cap provided instant relief. Thus, the more I use this pen, the more I’m liking it.

12/26/15: Tried to see if the NF’s section would swap out with the Baoer 508‘s, but it wouldn’t. The implication is that it’s size is proprietary and not “international” like the Chinese pens. The Bailey’s section also wouldn’t fit. Thinking of getting a fine point, which may be better for me than EF.

12/28/15: The more I use this pen, the more I like it. The flow begins immediately when I put point to paper. And the lines remain consistently extra fine while I write, with no skipping or changes in wetness. But the pen is heavy when capped, and I find that I need to remove the cap after a while. I really like the solid feel of this pen. The fact that it all screws together cleanly like a fine instrument is extremely satisfying.

3/6/16: After the initial success, I decided to swap out the M for a Nemosine F. The thick wet lines didn’t serve my needs. The F didn’t work out. The flow was very thin and dry. After flushing with a bulb syringe, the problem persisted. I yanked the nib and feed. Flossed the slit. Tried to floss the channel but couldn’t get the brass shim in and sliding up and down. Defective feed. There were hard obstructions in the channel. I swapped in the feed from the chipped JH x750, checking the channel with the shim before insertion. (The Fission uses the exact same feed as the JH x750.) The flow is now a perfect Nemosine F, which is a bit thicker and wetter than the standard Pilot/Sailor F.

2. Nemosine Fission Medium German Nib Gunmetal
Appearance & construction: stars4-h021
Writing: stars4-5-100

Nemosine Fission Fountain Pen Medium German Nib Gunmetal NEM-FIS-03-M $24.99 FS from Nemosine 1/3/16.

Nemosine Fission Fountain Pen Medium German Nib Gunmetal NEM-FIS-03-M $24.99 FS from Nemosine 1/3/16. Arrived 1/16/16.

  • Comes with three year warranty
  • Includes ink converter
  • Includes a six-pack of cartridges as specified by the manufacturer
  • Includes ink-filling instructions
  • Twist off cap


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Jennifer, “Nemosine Fission Fountain Pen Review,” BestFountainPen, YouTube, 10/24/14.

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