Lamy Safari (3)

Updated 1/17/16, 1/27/16, 2/16/16
1. Lamy Safari, Matte charcoal, model L17, EF nib.
Appearance & construction: stars3-h21
Writing: stars2-5-h21

Ordered from the Lamy USA site on 12/21/15.

Ordered from the Lamy USA site on 12/21/15. Pen $37.00, Z24 converter $4.95, T10 5pk cartridges (blk) $4.50, S/H $6.99, total $53.44. By comparison, the clone Jinhao 599 was $1.38 (including converter) + free shipping. Arrived 1/11/16.

I like the Darth Vader/Stealth look of the pen. The dark nib is cool. However, I don’t like the clip. To me, it’s too big ugly. The EF nib is too thin and dry for me. I ordered the F and M in the Vista demonstrator model.

2. Lamy Vista model L12M
Appearance & construction: stars3-5-h21
Writing: stars3-5-h21

Lamy Vista

Purchased 1/17/16 LAMY Vista Fountain Pen Demonstrator, Clear Medium Nib (L12M) Advantage Gifts $24.00. Also purchased: Lamy Refill Converter (Z24) LLC $6.14; Lamy T-10 Black Ink Cartridges Pkg 5 BestSource OfficeSupplies $6.01. FS. Estimated delivery: Jan. 29, 2016 – Feb. 4, 2016. Arrived 1/27/16.

Both L12s, converter, and cartridges arrived in the same package. I tried the M first. The box was slightly crushed on one side, but the pen was fine. I inserted a black cartridge. The flow started immediately. It’s a huge improvement over the Matte Charcoal EF, which writes too thin and scratchy for me. The line is a bit wider than expected and wet. The point is extremely smooth. Very consistent flow. I stll don’t like the clip. On the demonstrator, it’s even uglier. But this oversized clip seems to be the defining feature of this pen, so I’ll try to get used to it. A slip on clip like the Kaweco Classic Sport’s might be better. Also, the “LAMY” on the barrel may be too large.

3. Lamy Vista model L12F (defective)
Appearance & construction: stars3-5-h21
Writing: stars1-5-h21

Lamy Vista

Purchased 1/17/16 LAMY Vista Fountain Pen Demonstrator, Clear Fine Nib (L12F) Jewwi $19.00. FS. Estimated delivery: Jan. 29, 2016 – Feb. 4, 2016. Arrived 1/27/16.

1/27/16: The L12F arrived with a Z24 converter instead of a cartridge. Great! I inserted a cartridge to test it. This pen was a hard starter. Once it started flowing, the point skipped periodically and the flow was uneven, sometimes thicker and wetter. I expected the F to be the perfect compromise between the thin and dry EF and the slightly thick and wet M. The F line width and wetness, however, appear identical to the M. But the feedback is very different. Whereas the M is very smooth, the F feels a bit stiff and scratchy in comparison. I have a bad feeling about this pen. It might be a dud. I’ll have to look into getting a replacement.

Update 1/27/16: Sent a message to the seller, Jewwi, via Amazon, asking for a replacement nib/feed/section assembly. I don’t want to return for a refund if I can help it. What I really want is a fully functioning Vista F.


Description from Lamy site: Made of clear non-fade plastic it has a chromium plated clip and bears the name Lamy in silver lettering. With LAMY ink cartridge T 10 (can be modified for use with converter Z 24). Nib: Steel nib, polished.

Note 1: Vista and Safari are exact same pen — except the Vista is clear.

Note 2: Brian Goulet, Swapping Lamy Nibs with Just Tape- Ink Nouveau, YouTube, 3/12/11.

Note 3: Consensus seems to be — use Lamy cartridges only.

Note 4: Brown, Disassembly Line Lamy Safari, YouTube 6/3/13. How to remove Lamy feed.

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