Esterbrook Desk Set Fountain Pen: Lever Problem

Desk Pen Set 1K

On Dec. 15, I wrote about a lever problem with this pen.

Yesterday, after removing the section and unscrewing the long translucent extension at the end of the barrel, I pushed out the J-bar from the front of the barrel through the rear opening.  It came out easily. I then slid it back in through the front, making sure to align it with the lever. The lever now seems to work correctly. However, unlike my other lever pens, a single pull didn’t partially fill the sac. After three pulls, it seemed to hold enough ink for a writing test. It wrote well with a fine nib.

However, this, morning, I found that it was leaking a bit at the point where section met nib. I wiped it clean and tested it again. It wrote fine. At around noon, I found that it was leaking badly. The leak isn’t in the barrel or the section-sac joint. My restoration work involved a sac replacement and J-bar reinsertion.

I tested the nib-section connection and found that it had been tightened as far as it could by hand. The problem must be here, however. I washed the pen and nib and will check the nib and section threads to see if that’s the problem.

The nib may also be faulty. It was one of the many spares that I have.

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